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We recreated Bohemian Codings static demo file with Bootstrap 4

Bohemian Codings new redesigned website for Sketch app is super slick. We like it a lot.

It looks like this:

Before Sketch2React

On a particular great day we came up with the fun idea of recreating this thing you see in the background as a .sketchfile. That in it self is pretty amusing for some. But hey why stop there? We are the folks behind Sketch2React goddamnit ???‍?So we gave it the super powers of Bootstrap 4! Directly inside of Sketch. Using text commands inside the layers.

After Sketch2React

We did this for several reasons

  • It’s fun to do challenges like this
  • It’s a great way of showing you (and ourselves) what you can do with our framework
  • We learn about limitations and what we need to add to our framework for this to have longevity in designers and developers life
  • It’s a very effective way of showing what you really can do today, right now

Go get the file and try it out — Boom ?

Extra thanks to Jörgen Gedeon for helping out finding all of those Unsplash images ??

How long did this take to make?

We recorded our screen, maybe we’ll do a speed run of the whole process, maybe we won’t ??

  • ? Designing this took ~ 1 hour
  • ? Exporting assets ~ 5 minutes
  • ? Thinking ~ 1 hour
  • ? Finding Unsplash images ~ 1 hour
  • ? Doing the code part inside of Sketch ~ 45 min

Check it out in code

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