Components & Resources

    Most files here are related to Sketch2React. Others are related to Stratos Tokens & Stratos Components.

    • Portfolio Website Template

      A very nice, yet simple portfolio website template for Sketch2React

      Sketch2React, Latest
    • Style Dictionary Demo

      A design token demo for using our built-in Style Dictionary support using Ant Design components.

      Stratos Tokens, Latest
    • Material UI Demo for Stratos Tokens

      A very simple design token demo for Material UI available for Sketch, Figma & InVision Studio.

      Stratos Tokens, Latest
    • Educational Mini Site

      A simple educational mini site using Animate.css on every page.

    • Simple Slides Website

      Heavy use of our {link} component and animation. Just for fun 😺

    • Sketch2React Component Library

      A very simple component library, 100% restylable.

    • S2R Starter Template

      Here's a great template that you can add to your Sketch apps Documents screen.

    • Lottie Animations Template

      Use our Lottie Animation Template Symbols for easy and fast embedding Lottie Animations with Sketch2React.

    • Buttons buttons!

      A handy collection of totally customisable Sketch2React Buttons! Restyle and use in your own projects.

    • So Many Animations!

      This collection of ready-made animations makes it super easy to create transitions and effect animations on any chosen component.

    • Super Awesome Cards

      Everybody loves cards, so we thought "Let's make a few and share them for free!" Also comes in animated form for inspiration.

    • Very Simple Portfolio

      Heavy use of Animate.css in this fun-styled portfolio demo.

    • Sketch2React Pocket Guide

      The best of our Medium articles and docs rewritten, edited an optimized for chill offline reading. We'll update it from time to time…

    • Animate.css Demo

      The perfect way to get started with CSS animations inside our framework.

    • 9 Free Grids

      Mix and match and create endless complex grid setups.

    • Mobile Demo

      This is our default Mobile demo .sketchfile.

    • The Jetset Home Demo

      We thought it would be fun to recreate the same demo website that Sketch App uses on their website. So we did but added super powers 😬🚀

    • Desktop Demo

      This is our default Desktop demo .sketchfile.

    • Styleguide Demo

      A very simple Style Guide demo.

    • Wireframe Demo

      Super simple demo for understanding the Bootstrap grid.