Components & Resources

All .sketchfiles require our Code App to translate them into workable code components. You need to sign up here to get the free app and our free layout plugin for Sketch.

  • Lottie Animations Template

    Use our Lottie Animation Template Symbols for easy and fast embedding Lottie Animations with Sketch2React.

    .sketchfiles, Latest
  • Buttons buttons!

    A handy collection of totally customisable Sketch2React Buttons! Restyle and use in your own projects.

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  • So Many Animations!

    This collection of ready-made animations makes it super easy to create transitions and effect animations on any chosen component.

  • Super Awesome Cards

    Everybody loves cards, so we thought "Let's make a few and share them for free!" Also comes in animated form for inspiration.

  • Very Simple Portfolio

    Heavy use of Animate.css in this fun-styled portfolio demo.

  • Sketch2React Pocket Guide

    The best of our Medium articles and docs rewritten, edited an optimized for chill offline reading. We'll update it from time to time…

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  • Animate.css Demo

    The perfect way to get started with CSS animations inside our framework.

  • 9 Free Grids

    Mix and match and create endless complex grid setups.

  • Mobile Demo

    This is our default Mobile demo .sketchfile.

  • The Jetset Home Demo

    We thought it would be fun to recreate the same demo website that Sketch App uses on their website. So we did but added super powers πŸ˜¬πŸš€

  • Desktop Demo

    This is our default Desktop demo .sketchfile.

  • Styleguide Demo

    A very simple Style Guide demo.

  • Wireframe Demo

    Super simple demo for understanding the Bootstrap grid.