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A sketch that explains a few things

The more we get out there, showing this to internal design teams at great companies in both Sweden and Norway, the more we think about how to explain the different parts of our framework. We have, from the start, been very transparent about how we develop this, and user feedback is like the holy grail of development. Change fast, be open or die development death. That is not just words to kick you in the stomach, they are true and we feel them to the very core of HOW WE WANT TO WORK.

Also, there seems to be a misunderstanding about people thinking that all the magic is done by a .sketchplugin. So last night while putting the kids to sleep I sketched this down in my wonderful Leuchtturm1917 notebook (damn that is a difficult word to spell!)

I love you Leuchtturm1917 ❤️

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