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New Sketch2React Template

After the release of our Sketch assistant last Tuesday I sat down today and said to myself: ”Okey Juan let’s test this little guy and see if it actually works. I mean, I now it works, but does it work for me?

So what I did was I opened up a troubled demo file I gave up on a long time ago. Not that it was badly done, it just seemed to have some small issues. I was just too tired to find them. Until today when I realised our Sketch2React Assistant would probably find my issues. And it did!

Look at our awesome assistant at work, good boy ??✅

Look at our awesome assistant at work, good boy 

I then loaded up the demo in the latest version of Sketch2React and by the Gods, it worked! Hands on a great example of what you dear reader can do right now, just download any of our many demo files and try it, a great way to debug our demos/and or just learn something in the process. Also a great way of start using one of the most important Sketch updates in a very long time. All great things in my book.

We also added the above demo to our resources page, it’s a great little template for building yourself a nice looking portfolio website straight from inside Sketch. Best thing is, once you have set everything up you will have:

  • A Sketch based portfolio (export to PDF)
  • A React & HTML version of your portfolio (via Sketch2React) that you can update anytime and just do a re-upload to your preferred server.
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