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Using Abstract to manage your design token files

Funny how things are. You plant a seed inside your mind and several years later it finally blooms. Many times it’s just about timing or just getting it done. I’m going to be really honest here, I have never used Abstract in my work. But of course, I know about it. Just haven’t had the chance to use it frankly. Many times these apps comes with how a certain company chooses to work with design.

It was actually overhearing a conversation that my wife had (her company uses Abstract) that got me thinking ”wait a minute, Abstract is for versioning Sketch files and we use Sketch for all of our apps”… ? ?

I even made a sketch beforehand to get my thoughts together, really helps actually.

So here we go, finally I got around to doing this extremely simple tutorial on how to actually use Abstract together with, in this example Stratos Tokens . This way, you can distribute the tasks of setting up your design token data correctly with other designers in your team. And then when it’s done extract the code from our app and distribute it via NPM.js or any other service of your choosing…