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Sketch2React Framework Assistant for Sketch 68

A couple of weeks ago, Fredrik and I were invited to a closed demo and Q&A of Sketch’s revolutionary upcoming feature Assistants! Sketch Assistants was released upon the release of Sketch 68 on the 11:th of August!

An assistant is like having a little robot friend that helps you with things that you can get wrong, forget or just haven’t learned yet.

We created Sketch2React framework assistant to ease the learning curve and prevent making those small errors (like a type-o or double }}) that is so easily overlooked.

Our handy Sketch2React framework assistant at hard work ??

We are one out of not very many Assistants that will be listed on Sketch’s assistant directory on release day and that is, for us, a very exciting feeling ?

This first assistant from us is for Sketch2React only, of course we will add an assistant for Stratos Components also.

You can download and install the assistant from here.

Of course nothing will work if you haven’t signed up and downloaded Sketch2React ??

Here’s a short intro video: