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Tutorial ? How to add SVGs to Sketch2React ?

Hey folks! Today I’m going to show you how to work with SVG’s and Sketch2React, a workflow that’s brand new for v1.5.

It’s a great feeling when you work on something that’s getting better and better with each iteration. Version 1.5 of all things Sketch2React is a huge milestone for us. You can read about all the new stuffs in this article.

Tutorial Requirements

  • Sketch App version 54+
  • Sketch2React Code App V1.5
  • Here’s the tutorial Sketch file for reference purposes

Video Tutorial

What you can do with this

Here’s just a couple of thingies you can enjoy when you have native SVG support from Sketch to code.

Until next time — have a great one ??

Juan, Team Sketch2React

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