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What’s coming in version 1.5 of Sketch2React?

We have a few really exciting features coming up in the very near future, even before we drop the mother of all updates (psst v2 guys ?)

Edit: 1.5 pre-release is out now!

Or ????

How do you get it?❤️Support Fredrik’s Patreon Tier 2 and you’ll get this amazing new version of our framework and code app.

❤️Support Juan’s Tier 1 and you’ll get the freshly brewed Lottie Animation Symbol.

Plus, a couple of more cool surprises ??

Version 1.5 will bring to the world:

  • Embed Lottie Animations directly within Sketch! Talk about useful stuff here folks ??
  • SVG assets support !✅? This one is a huuuuuuge time saver! Finally you will not need to export assets in and out again for them to show up in code — this one is hot ???
  • Also a fix for Haiku Animations, somewhere along the line it stopped attaching the animations to code, we have fixed that now ?

About Lottie Animations

Lottie is one of the most versatile animation formats out there and works about everywhere, be it web or app, and has very quickly become a favourite specially amongst developers of apps. From version 1.5 of Sketch2React you will now be able to embed Lottie animations the same way that you today embed Haiku animations. Another great thing about Lottie is that there’s a thriving community of open source animations.

Combine Haiku + Lottie directly inside of Sketch, do we really need to say more? ?

ProTip! When most people think about Lottie animations they constantly thing After Effects. Which was true but not anymore. You can create Lottie animations with the superb (and economically more affordable) Mac animation app Keyshape. Just make sure you first install the free Lottie plugin that you find here. Here’s a fantastic example of the awesome things you can create with Keyshape and export not only too Lottie but also SVG animation, CSS animation etc.

SVG support is like mega amazeballs

About SVG support

So much inside of Sketch is vectors, specially since flat design took over the design world many years ago. Before this update, all of your vectors needed to be converted to either a PNG or a JPG and then re-imported into Sketch for them to show up in our code app. No more! You don’t even need to name them {image} anymore ?‍? ?

  1. Group your vector illustration/icon/graphical thingie and give it a name
  2. Make exportable and choose SVG
  3. Done! It now will show up in our code app (and in the exported code)
  4. Do a crazy dance @ your office and celebrate this ?

When is this magical update coming?

In a couple of weeks, maybe a month? We’ll see.

We’re smashing some buggie bugs at the moment, checking that everything gets bundles in our code export, creating new tutorials, new graphical demos etc. Do you want things to move a bit faster? Support us on our Patreons and they will. ??❤️


Team Sketch2React, Fredrik + Juan

As always, all of these things will come first to our awesome patrons supporting us economically and later to the general public, for free of course.

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