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The next update of Marcode app will blow your 🧦off

You know, I’ll just show you first, then talk later.

Feast your tired designer eyes on this, my friends:

That woke you up, didn’t it? Well, let’s watch some more, then I’ll explain what’s going on here.

Introducing embed anything, really

This new component, called {embed-fluid} and {embed} contains so much power and possibilities, it will be up to your creative mind to push it to the limits.

I have been playing around with it for a day and successfully managed to embed:

Top of my mind, what also would be cool to embed:

  • Interactive maps from Google Maps or anywhere else
  • Whole sections of websites that you want to add, for some unknown reason

Summa summarum as we say in Sweden, {embed-fluid} kicks ass and will enhance going from Sketch app or Icons8 Lunacy out to a real code prototype for iOS & Android.

Heck, you can build real apps with it!

Download our bragging app demo

Since you have scrolled all the way down here, like very few people do, you need to get rewarded. Here’s the demo app that I’ve built to brag about all these amazing things you can do with our new {embed-fluid} component for Sketch app and Icons8 Lunacy app.

As always, this update is 100% free if you have already purchased Marcode app from our marketplace.

Update should be out beginning of next week, you will not miss it, we’ll make sure of that.

Now, I really need a new pair of socks, see yah!

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