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Good news travel in pairs

It has been a couple of busy months for Team Sketch2React, here’s the latest from our made-up scientist laboratory.

1. We just released an epic update for Marcode

We added two new components, {embed} and {embed-fluid} which lets you embed, well, anything really. I had a lot of fun with it last week, just check what you can do by just using:

  • {embed-fluid} + {prototype-fluid} + {image-external}
  • + adding page transitions with {externalasset.css}

2. We just released a Design Token API for Figma and Sketch

This is our first product that we don’t sell directly from our marketplace, something we are going to explore even further in coming months.

What we did was:

  1. Took our design token & theming rendering engine Tropos, which is used in Stratos Tokens app
  2. Sent it out to space (well the cloud then)
  3. Published it to RapidAPI, that acts like a marketplace for API’s

RapidAPI already has a marketplace and a well-oiled business model, so with very little effort business wise we suddenly have two new products that incorporate the very popular freemium model.

What’s great about this business model is that anyone can try out the power of our design token engine for free.

That’s it for this time, have a great weekend.

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