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Stratos Tokens Pocket Guide

What better time of the year to learn something brand new than during vacation? When else would you actually have the calm in your mind to dig deep into things that may be challenging?

Hello big brother, you’re not alone anymore…

Many designers talk about design tokens. Very few actually know how to work with them straight from Sketch or Figma, so that the output actually is real code and not just a pretty static component library, with obscure references that no one understands. Step up, designers, and help your already overworked engineers.

The whole reason we created Stratos Tokens in the first place were that we felt that there is a gap to be filled. How do we fill this gap? Find out by downloading a free summer gift from Team Sketch2React immediately.

We have rewritten many of the articles and tutorials to better fit a chill offline reading experience. As we do with our Sketch2React Pocket Guide, we will update it with new content from time to time.

Updated our docs

Worth mentioning is that we also updated our docs around Stratos Tokens. A very common misconception around our built in Style Dictionary support is that we somehow automagically make that happen for you, without effort. That is not the case. Learn why and how

Download ebook

Go get it here and have a great summer!

All the best

Team Sketch2React

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