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Say hello to Sketch2React 2021 Beta

Everyone loves automagical workflows, right? Things that get created in the background for you while you work. Well, we think you’re not going to be disappointed.

What started as a small bug fix grew and grew, and Fredrik now calls this release of Sketch2React nothing short of an avalanche of changes. He should know, he’s the one writing all the code.

Oh look we now actually attached something to our logo thingie

Oh look we now actually attached something useful to our logo thingie

What’s new?

Here are the most important new additions to the Sketch2React 2021 Beta:

  • New Autogenerated CSS Styleguide
  • New Artboard Explorer (shortcut for closing it is ESC)
  • New Automagical HTML links between artboards
  • New Documents side panel with the latest documents
We think you will adore this one…

The new Artboard Explorer – We think you will adore this one…

A closer look at Styleguide

Our built-in CSS + CSS modules robots are hard at work in the background. They never complain, they never need coffee breaks and are a happy bunch. 

Automagical HTML links in Sketch

Another thing worth bragging about is how much time you will save with our new automagical HTML link feature. Before this beta you always needed to manually add HTML links in Sketch like this:

  • Use the Add Link to Artboard (W)
  • ./artboardname.html

Now you just do this:

Big disclaimer, since no one reads release notes anyway

To pull off all the new, shiny things we have in this beta, we have rewritten a bunch of essential code. Not everything that works in the stable version of Sketch2React works in this beta. We will get there eventually, meanwhile have fun with this, don’t take it too seriously.

If you find something, just use our built-in Report an issue bug tracker. We would really appreciate it, and isn’t that the whole idea with betas anyway?

Just randomly insering nice pics here from the beta. Totally related.

When pressing the Styleguide icon you end up here, in automagical land

For those with a Sketch2React 2021 license

  • Congrats, we love you
  • Full access to all the new goodies, no restrictions in the beta app
  • Just activate the beta as you did with our stable version, each license comes with four simultaneous activations, so you got plenty

For very curious human beings (no robots allowed)

  • Only one artboard can be rendered out to code
  • Only Styleguide is available as code export (CSS & CSS Modules)
  • Features a slightly annoying banner

That’s it, we hope you’ll find this very entertaining indeed.

Love Team Sketch2React

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