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Sketch2React Grids to get you started

Why create all of these free demo files and resources one may ask? How do you grow a tree or a plant? By nurturing it. With things like water, the right amount of shadow or sunshine. By giving it love. By caring for it.

So in the spirit of all these fine things we spend endless hours creating these. So we can grow Sketch2React to something that is meaningful to more than two people (Juan and Fredrik).

That’s why we today are giving you this fine as wine .sketchfile with a couple of really handy grids.

What you can do with this

  • Learn how our framework works
  • Kickstart your next Sketch2React project
  • Learn the world famous Bootstrap grid in the meantime
  • Use the grids in your own projects to create next level of website handoff
  • Design and build awesome website directly inside of Sketch
  • Mix and match any of these rows, columns and create new grids

System requirements

What is Sketch2React anyway?

Good question. Sketch2React is a free tool and framework that lets you alter your Sketch design files with the super powers of Bootstrap and React.

That gives you high fidelity HTML5 code right from scratch ?

  • Design with code snippets that’s easy to learn! It’s more like Markdown
  • Fully responsive
  • No export required!
  • Treat the layers view in Sketch as a very simple code editor
  • Use the popular Bootstrap grid
  • Build entire static websites directly from inside of Sketch ?

Download from here

(zero sign-up required)

? ? ?

Sketch2React Alpha v.0.60 — Designed and developed in Stockholm with ? by Team Sketch2React ©2018

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