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Sketch2React Freebie — Simple Slides Website

One of the most important things to do right now is keep your mind busy with meaningful things

I was sitting yesterday afternoon at home (where else?) going through what felt like millions of demos I have created during our 2 years of existence as Team Sketch2React.

What I really was doing was looking for something new to share with you. I knew there was at least one file we hadn’t shared officially over at our 100% free resources page. I always feel really good every single time I upload something new there. After some digging through mine and Fredriks shared Dropbox folder I finally found it:

Of course I opened it up (and re-saved) the document in the very latest Sketch 64 that, as a total coincidence, had been released the very same day. ??

Everything worked really well and I got again that fantastic feel I get each and every time I spend some time with Sketch2React — awe. Awe and admiration at what me and Fredrik have accomplished so far only working with this on our spare time.

S2R is frakking amazing. I say that with zero objectivity but it’s 100% true. If you are reading this and have used our framework or is using it right now you are my hero. Please do us a favour: share that love. The more people that use S2R the better it will get, the more support we will continue to give it.

Download .sketchfile

Take care and remember to wash your ? often ?❤️and keep that social distance ? — — — — ?

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