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Fredrik’s front-end quick read #8

Happy birthday W3C, you are now too old to enroll as a trainee in the Indian Merchant Navy. Sass Modules has arrived, Firefox DevTools has gotten even more power-ups, the evil Martians are teaching us about web graphics and maybe WebGL isn’t to hard to master after all?

A Guide To New And Experimental CSS DevTools In Firefox

Ever since releasing Grid Inspector, the Firefox DevTools team has been inspired to build a new suite of tools to solve the problems of the modern web. In this article, we’ll learn about all 7 tools and take a peek at potential future projects.

The W3C At Twenty-Five

Rachel Andrew explains how the World Wide Web Consortium works and shares why the Web Standards processes the group manages are so vitally important for the ever-growing web platform.

Introducing Sass Modules

Miriam Suzanne gives an introduction to Modules, a major new feature in Sass you might recognize from other languages.

Images done right: Web graphics, good to the last byte — Martian Chronicles

This detailed and earnest guide covers the essentials of working with digital image formats on the web, with a view to boosting performance.


WebGL is not the easiest technology to use on its own, so libraries like Three.js are often used to make its functionality more accessible. This is a lighter weight attempt to keep you close to the metal without cutting your hands.

Thank you for reading and happy coding! ❤️

/Fredrik Ward, Senior front-end developer @ Bouvet and co-creator of Sketch2React

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