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Fredrik’s front-end quick read #5

Big O notation, front-end Machine learning, Can I Email and more! This week I really have a mixed variety of articles lined up for you! Read on and be enlightened!

1. The Big O Notation — An Introduction

Big O notation is used in computer science to describe the performance or complexity of an algorithm. If you have heard of the term but don’t understand it, this is a great starting point.

2. Machine Learning For Front-End Developers With Tensorflow.js — Smashing Magazine

Charlie Gerard covers how to get started with machine learning using JavaScript and frameworks like Tensorflow.js, and highlights some of the limits of using machine learning in the frontend.

3. Understanding client side routing by implementing a router in Vanilla JS

When working with single page application frameworks, the routing is usually handled by some routing module or package. For many developers, how this routing actually works is something of a mystery. The purpose of this article is to help developers to gain a better understanding of how client side routing works in frameworks like React by implementing this functionality themselves in Vanilla JS. While not specific to React, this article gives great insight into how a router (like React Router) works.

4. Can I email…

We all know and love Unfortunately, if you wanted to test support for web standards in HTML Email, it wasn’t really easy. Until now. Inspired by the successful concept, Can I Email lets you check support for more than 50 HTML and CSS features in 25 email clients. More is already in the planning.

5. Overflow And Data Loss In CSS — Smashing Magazine

In this article, Rachel Andrew explores the situations in which you might encounter overflow in your web designs and explains how CSS has evolved to create better ways to manage and design around unknown amounts of content.

Thank you for reading and happy coding! ❤️

/Fredrik Ward, Senior front-end developer @ Bouvet and co-creator of Sketch2React

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