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Bunch of new tutorials for you ??✅

When building software as a side project (or full time really) you need to think about support. It’s the one thing that will set you apart from the rest. No matter how great a product you are building, with great support comes loyal customers. Also, be nice and listen to your audience.

From the very start we have thought about these things and how to avoid repeating ourselves over and over again. You need to get smart with the time that is given to you. That’s why we continue creating tutorials and expanding our documentation.

Many times someone ask us a question on social media or our Slack channel and we get material for yet another tutorial. Sometimes we create ones to prevent confusion thereby saving ourselves time.

Important! Keep asking us questions, we love to answer them and they help us evolve Sketch2React to even greater heights. ?

Anyway ? Here’s a bunch of new tutorials that you may have missed.

How to work with layers and Sketch2React

This one is a shining example of creating tutorials after user feedback. This question has come up from time to time:

– How do you layer things? How can I push things over each other so they turn up correctly in your code app?

How to keep your exported SVG’s neat and nice

Having clean code is essential for any product. That’s why it’s always a very good idea to use all the tools available that helps us with this. This tutorial is about how to use Sketch’s official SVGO Compressor plugin together with Sketch2React.

How to work with SVG’s and Sketch2React

From version 1.5 pre-release edition you now have the amazing alternative to use native SVG’s together with our framework. This is how easy the setup is.

New freebie! ???‍♂️

We all love buttons don’t we? It may be one of the most loved components in the history of digital design and it was our very first interactive component created for our framework all back in the beginning of 2018.

Let’s celebrate the button! Here’s a bunch of totally customasible real code components for Sketch ?

Click here dude!

Button Pro Tip

By changing the default value of our button texts from {text} to {text.span} you get really cool big buttons that almost look like cards/banners! Awesomesauce!

All the best, have a great June ??

/Team Sketch2React ?

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