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All of our apps explained + freebies


Funny how time flies when you’re having fun. We now have three apps, how did that even happened? Things where so much easier when we just had one thing, Sketch2React. But then again, we seem to be ambitious dudes so… Also, from the very beginning what now is Stratos Components (Alpha) was ment to render Sketch2React to oblivion. But guess what; you, yes you thought otherwise. Turns out some of you really enjoy Sketch2React. ❤️

We analysed the data and the data never lies. Also there is the small ehm fact that Stratos Components is far from finished. ??✅

Quick Overview of all our current apps

App #1 — Sketch2React

What does it do? — It lets you design & build prototypes and simple websites straight from Sketch with zero, yes ZERO plugins?
Exports to: HTML5 project, React project (via Create-React-App) & Vanilla React
Pricing: Zero bucks
Platforms: Sketch on Macintosh
First version released: May 2018
Current version: 1.6.8

App #2 — Stratos Components

What does it do? — It lets you design & build real code components & advanced prototypes straight from Sketch with even less than zero plugins ?
Exports to: Styled Components, NPM project, HTML5 project, React project (via Create-React-App)
Pricing: Part of Stratos Beta Program, currently 2.99USD
Platforms: Sketch on Macintosh
First version released: December 2019
Current version: 0.5.1

App #3 — Stratos Tokens

What does it do? — It lets you design, build & manage design tokens and theming from your design application. And. You guessed it — no frakking plugins! ?
Exports to: JSON, SCSS, Swift, Android
Pricing: Part of Stratos Beta Program, currently 2.99USD
Platforms: Sketch, Figma, InVision Studio on Macintosh
First version released: March 2020
Current version: 1.0.5

By now you must be thinking “Team Sketch2React hates plugins” … Yes and no to that answer. We will avoid plugins as much as we can because frankly they just mess things up for us. It’s way more elegant to have a framework and a separate app that translates things into code than needing one plugin per design application that we support, now and in the future.

Are your apps Mac only?

Yes they are. Technically you can create Stratos Tokens design docs with a PC or browser (Figma) but all of our apps that convert everything to code are on the Mac platform.

If we would make a Windows version it would be for Stratos Tokens since it’s technically a much simpler app than all the other ones.

What will happen in the coming months?

As you can see we already have reached the magical v1 when it comes to Stratos Tokens. So after this beta period is over (end of June 2020) you will require to purchase a license key for Stratos Tokens if you want to continue using it. That is the current plan.

Stratos Tokens for Adobe XD

We have come really far with a plugin for Adobe XD that will work together with Stratos Tokens. But didn’t you just say you try avoiding plugins? Yes, we do. But Adobe XD doesn’t let you read the file like Sketch, Figma & InVision Studio does, so we actually didn’t have much choice. Of course, you always have a choice to do something else. ?

Sketch2React & Stratos Components

Sketch2React will still continue to be free as long as we can support it and we will of course also continue working with Stratos Components. The plan is reaching v1 of Stratos Components by the end of this year, maybe even earlier.

We are in no hurry and we still work as Team Sketch2React as a side project, as explained in the short video at the top of this article. Freebies ?

On other news ? We also added a couple of Stratos Tokens freebies to our website, check them out…

All the best

Juan, Team Sketch2React

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