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? The War Room

⚠️☝️Warning this headline is nothing but ?read-baite. Why? Because reading is essential to understanding and developing and if I can get you reading my work is half-done. Now comes the other half, buckle up. ?

☝️New Sketh2React publication

To better gather resources, articles, tutorials about Sketh2React we have created a publication dedicated to all those awesome thingies. So be sure to remember to F-O-L-L-O-W if you want to be updated the moment new things arrive.

Back to learning. Let’s be straight here, our framework/plugin is not the easiest to grasp and learn. That is the point actually.

Frak one-button-magic

It’s not one-button-magic. In an era where everything is easy we decide to go the other way. Why?

Because what’s the fun in building something that does all the work for you?

No pain no gain bro

No fun at all that is.

?It’s not hard to learn either. If you compare to learning say Framer as a ? Sketcher it’s much much easier. You just need to study the structure & naming a bit. But we have several great resources for you. Everything from tutorials, components to a very handy cheat sheet.

We are proud master builders and craft makers. We love crafting, designing and making. We want you to feel the same way. And you will, I promise. When you start learning something new that’s hard you feel elevated. You feel like a million bucks. Right now I could probably Google what that phenomenon is called and impress you with a very difficult word. Frak that. I’m here to inform not impress.

The future of handoff is no handoff

The whole word “handoff” is not even accurate anymore. We live in ?ITERATION WORLD? where everything is never done and all things are in constant evolution. That is the nature of product design since most of us work with non-physical virtual products.

So then it’s only very natural that designers and developers work even closer together than before. That’s what started Sketch2React in the first place. You can read more about the beginnings here.

Framer, Figma, InVision Studio, React Studio, Supernova Studio and many many others want to be a one-stop-shop-solution for design, handoff, documentation, code and whatnot.

Designers learn more code, devs learn more design

This is not utopia but a very natural progression of the whole professional landscape that we live and work in. What Sketch2React does is that it forces designers to understand more about code right inside of Sketch. What you do as a designer is that you give your static non-code designs the super power of Bootstrap (grid+components) plus React (render engine).

Let’s get one thing out of the way ? We are not out to build something that does everything. And we are not out to give developers less work. Designers – yes. Take away the tedious pain of handoffs, trying to explain how things should work. Just design and build all the interactions and how it’s suppose to flow yourself. And send your dev the .sketchfile — boom ?

Actually one scenario we see is developers getting more involved in the design process as more design tools are giving more and more advanced options for export and/or integration.

Contribute yourself

Back to the Sketch2React publication. What the hell is a publication without writers? Nothing. So if you come up with a neat trick or create a useful template or make a tutorial that has something to do with Sketch2React — send it to us! It doesn’t even need to be made here inside of Medium, we can just create a post with a link to your thing if we find it useful to others.

Let’s finish of with a banging trailer, really happy with this one ???

Sketch2React Release Trailer

Cheers ??

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