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What We Do In The Shadows

Or rather, what we (Fredrik & Juan) do when not working with Sketch2React. Which is actually most of our time. That headline was too good to pass though. ??

  • We both enjoy reading a lot that has to do with our respective fields
  • We both enjoy sharing this knowledge with others
  • We both enjoy being as efficient with this sharing task as possible
  • We both want to change how designers and developers work together, forever

So how do we go about doing all these things without loosing our minds? We have no clue. So that’s why we do this instead. Pour yourself a hot good cup of your favourite warm beverage (ours is ☕ ) and read up on what we think are great things to keep in mind in this world of ours.

Fredrik’s Front-end Quick Read

Juan’s Design Digest


/Team Sketch2React

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