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Vacay time is here

Where in the middle of our lovely Swedish summer right now so what better time for us in Team Sketch2React to take some well deserved time off? It has been an intensive first six months of 2021 for both of us but lets not bore you with petty details.

What you need to know is:

  • Our marketplace will still be 100% open of course
  • You can purchase our software anytime you want
  • You can access your already bought software and files anytime you want
  • You can download all of our freebies anytime you want
  • We will not support during our vacation, you can use our very friendly Slack community for that
  • We have temporarily taken down our free demo of Stratos Tokens 2021 for the simple reason that anything you offer (even freely) requires some kind of supporting from us

Found a bug in our software?

We have a great built in Help menu in both Sketch2React and Stratos Tokens. Use it to create a bug report on our Github and we’ll take care of it starting beginning of August.

See you later!

Best wishes, Juan & Fredrik Team Sketch2React