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Top 3 Sketch Quick Tips — November 2017

Keep it short and breeze dude…

This is a small collection of my very best Sketch Quick Tip series. Here we go!

1. SVG animation prepping

Getting your SVG’s out of Sketch in the right way can be a bit confusing. I’ll show you how. And a brief look at web animation app Keyshape.

Note: Make sure you have the SVGO plugin installed first. It’s a plugin that compresses SVG assets using SVGO, right when you export them.

2. Quick Color and Keys plugin

Two really great plugins that work good together, Quick Color and Keys for Sketch.

3. prototype app/plugin for Sketch

Native prototyping inside of Sketch is no longer something out of a sci-fi movie. Here’s a free plugin called that even lets you export and share to cloud.

That’s it hope they’ll find you well and will enhance your design workflows.

Cheers ?✌??

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