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Support Sketch2React on Patreon!

Support Sketch2React on Patreon!

Hey guys, can’t believe it has been exactly 15 months since we first released Sketch2React to the public — and what a time it has been! ????

During 15 months we have

  • Shipped 6 versions of our code app & framework
  • Shipped 3 versions of our .sketch plugin
  • Reached true React export
  • Released 48 video tutorials
  • Written 42 articles
  • Reached 4K subscribers
  • Tweeted 568 times

All of this in our spare spare time, think about what we can create given more time = budget!


We want to keep our framework and code app 100% free as long as we can manage. Why?

We think it gives us the freedom and speed to go in directions paid services can’t.

But we also need to keep this project sustainable for it to keep growing over time. That’s why you from today can support us financially via our two Patreon pages, one for Juan and one for Fredrik.

Why two Patreon pages?

Since Patreon incomes are taxable and we are not a company, it’s the most elegant solution. Although we develop and design this together we have different roles. The short and easy explanation: Fredrik is coding and Juan is designing.

Tier 1 — Power up Juan & Fredrik with coffee! (From 2 USD/m)

This is our starting tier but it comes with benefits of course.

Tier 2 — Team Sketch2React Go! (From 5 USD/m)

This one is for all of you that really like what we do and want to make sure Sketch2React stays relevant for the years to come. We love you.

Tip! If you want to support both of us, just split whatever tier you choose evenly by donating xUSD/person/Patreon page.

What the heck do I get for throwing cash at you guys?

First of all, and this is really really important, you make sure Sketch2React continues to exist and is 100% free. For that you are a hero! ?‍♂️

All backers get benefits of course, you can read more about them on each of our Patron pages. Basically the more you give the more you get back but we have limited it to only two tiers, and each tier contains rewards that we easily can manage.

Lots of cool things coming

In the coming future this will happen:

  • We will release a new version of V1 that will include Lottie animation support and a fix for Haiku animations
  • V2 is coming with amazing things like Styled Components and Export to npm project
  • Figma2React POC ??

Or course all of these things will be available first to our Patreon’a for being awesome ???‍♂️?‍♂️⭐️??‍♂️

Click here to support Fredrik and his work with Sketch2React

Click here to support Juan and his work with Sketch2React

This is an experiment, we have never done this before. It might fail but we would be fools not to try this method. However this goes, if you choose to even support one of us, you are a hero and it will be beneficial for you, we can promise you that.

Onward amigos!

Juan & Fredrik, Team Sketch2React

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