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Step by step guide — How to use 10 Great Google Font Combos

10 Great Google Font Combos is actually 20 top notch paired font styles

It has come to my understanding that it’s not super clear how to use my product 10 Great Google Font Combos for RapidWeaver. One of my goals with D4V is to provide great tools for my fellow designers so this bothers me of course. So that’s why I have put together this very simple step by step guide how to implement it in your RapidWeaver projects. Go get yourselves a nice cup of Java and here we go!

From scratch with an empty Foundation project

1. Open the file named D4V 10 Great Google Font Combos v1.2

2. The basic structure of the Rapidweaver project file is
Start (a brief tutorial on how to use the font partials (too brief apparently ?)
All of the different font combos as individual stack pages. They are named after the 10 different font stylings I have built for you. This is the regular sizes for the combo Playfair Display (as headings) + Fira Sans (as paragraphs).

This is one of 20 different Partials available

3. Create an empty new Rapidweaver project file.
4. Add a Stacks page. Make sure you are using the Foundation theme.
5. Go back to my project file and select the font pairing that you would like to copy into your blank Foundation based stack page.
6. Copy the font paring.

Don’t forget you need the Foundation theme!

Some things to remember

Important! This is only the font stylings of your new Foundation project. You will need to style all of the other things yourself like which colors to use for buttons etc. I made this so for maximum flexibilty as all of those things are really based a lot on individual taste.

Updating an old Foundation based website with my font combos

This is a different kind of beast that needs some consideration before applying.
1. Always make sure you have a copy of your old design project before applying my styles
2. Always make sure you have a backup copy of 10 Great Google Font Combos safely stored somewhere. That way, if you want to revert to the original settings it will just be a matter of opening the original purchased project file.
3. Create an empty stacks page inside the Rapidweaver project that you want to restyle.
4. Do steps 5–9.
5. Now comes the really important part. You now need to copy ALL of your previous site style settings minus the font pairings to this newly created one. This one wil become a hybrid between your old Foundation Site Styles merged together with my meticulously set font sizes and settings.
6. Go celebrate now you have worked really really hard ???

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