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Sketch2React v1.6+ is now free & other great news…

First of all, nice to be back! I had a few weeks off for resting, holidays, stuff like that. Gives me time to reflect upon all things LIFE. Of course one part of that is being part of Team Sketch2React. ?❤️✅

What a year we had with many epic deeds and releases! Goooooo team ??

So what better way of starting this amazing new year and decade with a little gift ? from Team Sketch2React? As of this moment, the latest version of Sketch2React (1.6.8) is 100% free of charge. Like we promised way back in September or was it October? Time is really a weird thing…

What that means for you…

… is that there is no other tool out there as advanced as ours

…that let’s you design & build awesome ⚛️ React powered prototypes

…straight from ? Sketch app

… 100% free ? ?

You’re welcome.

?✅ Ps. If your memory is as short as mine, here’s all the cool stuff you can do with the latest version of S2R, God Save the Internet, people.

Team Sketch2React turns 2! ? ?

Has it been two frakking years already? Yes it has. ? On Jan 16:th 2018 Fredrik Ward showed me the very first working version of Sketch2React, my mind blew to bits and, as the say … the rest is history.

Also, fun fact, I actually thought the name was really stupid. How wrong & ignorant I was ??

Website refresh

What better way of celebrating this free release with a slight refresh of our website? Go ahead, check it out.

Stratos Alpha & Beta program

So now that Sketch2React is 100% free what’s next? Very simple actually. In the same spirit as all of our previous payed bundles you can now (if you’re not already onboard) purchase the Stratos Alpha & Beta Program Bundle.

What’s included?

  • Stratos Alpha 1
  • Stratos Demo files
  • Stratos Alpha & Beta Access to every release up until the V1 release of Stratos
  • Sketch2React 1.6.8 plus all the resource files, demos
  • Big fat discount the day we release Stratos V1

Important ?

Also, if you already have bought any of our previous DLC bundles you already have access to all of this 100% free. Good for you ??

Awesome! That’s it guys, have a great day now ?

Juan, Team Sketch2React

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