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Sketch2React Release Candidate 1 is here

What can you do with Sketch2React?

  • Design real code components without ever leaving Sketch
  • Our Code App transforms these code components to real workable code
  • You export code components to HTML5, React or Vanilla React

Best of all, now you can try out all of our Pro features (read below) totally for free.

What is Release Candidate 1?

It’s version 1 of Sketch2React, so basically we’re not in beta anymore — woo-pi-doooo! ??

Our first plan was that when we finally reached 1.0, we would implement some kind of paid subscription plan for our Pro features. We’re still are, but not right now. So you get to play around with everything, totally for free, until we release version 2 of Sketch2React. We do this not only because we are super great guys, but also because we want to:

  • Let you guys play around with all of our code export options
  • Give you time, the only resource we can freely give you right now, to learn this, and see how it fits to your current work environment
  • Gather feedback on what to improve

What’s new in RC1?

  • Export to HTML5, Vanilla React or React (Pro)
  • Public Preview (Pro) lets you start a temporary web server right from our app
  • Pages now add themselves automagically to our export bundle after loading/visiting them once
  • Register & unregister license from your computer

How long will this be free?

As long as we haven’t released version 2, RC1 will be free, all bells and whistles. At the very least a couple of months.

System Requirements

  • Sketch 52+
  • Mac OSX Mojave
  • Code App version 0.7.2
  • RC1 License Key (you get that when signing up via our website).

How to activate your RC1 license

  1. Open our Code App
  2. Go to Sketch2React Code App and choose Registration…
  3. Enter the license key
  4. Restart our Code App
  5. Boom done! ?

Why can’t I install your Code App?

All Mac apps that are not certified by Apple that you download from the web or distribute privately (via your own channels) give you a warning the very first time you open them.

Just chill and do like below and happiness will (maybe) come to you.

  • Go to System Preferences on your Mac
  • Click on Security & Privacy
  • It will contain a message that says “Sketch2React Code App was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer” ?
  • Click on Open Anyway

You been good, now go celebrate this with a great cup of the very best company coffee you can find ☕

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