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Sketch2React DLC #2 is here!

Finally, after much hard work, our most epic release yet comes action packed to the max ?

Buy it here with a 25% discount code to ?

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System Requirements

  • Sketch 56.3–57.1
  • Mac OSX Mojave
  • Sketch2React Code App version 1.6.4

What is new in Sketch2React DLC#2?

? Sketch2React Code App 1.6.4

Our very latest pre-release version that comes with support for all these sweet things:

? ? Support for Sketch Cloud Documents

Eager to use Sketch for Teams and all those new fancy ways of working together? Guess what, as of version 1.6 we now have support for working directly with Sketch Cloud Documents.

? ? Support for Sketch Shared Libraries

This one is huuuuuuge. You can now build up your real code component library and share it with anyone that uses Sketch. It’s as easy as 1–2–3. To get you kick-started we have included our own S2RSharedLib ⭐

⚙️ ? ?‍? New component {link}

Link any element to anything! Like images or texts!

⚙️ ? ?‍? New component {div}

A generic component well suited for implementing things such as other grid systems (e.g. MaterialUI grid) or construct your own components!

⚙️ ? ?‍? New component {externalasset.js}

It is now possible to add your own javascript-files to your HTML-exports. This adds a new dimension of interactivity to your HTML-exports!

? ? CSS-modules

Our React export now utilizes CSS-modules. This means the dependency on Sketch2React’s package (@sketch2react/react-components) is gone! No dependency on us once your React code is exported! ?

? ? Updated React export’s dependencies

We’ve updated the React export’s dependencies to remove package vulnerabilities.

? ? Clean-up in the React export

You no longer get warnings about “unused variables” in the console because, guess what, there are none! ?

? New component files!

We put a lot of love and dedication into this new template — you need very little S2R knowledge to get started

? Portfolio Website Template — Everything you need to build and maintain a nice looking portfolio website from within Sketch.

? S2RSharedLib — This is our Sketch Shared Library master file so that you can create your own version.

What can you do with Sketch2React?

  • Design real code components without ever leaving Sketch, using all the built-in tools you’re used to. Zero plugins necessary.
  • It’s the worlds most advanced free design to code framework for Sketch
  • Our Code App transforms these code components to real workable code
  • You export code components to HTML5, React or Vanilla React

V1.6 Tutorials

All these new sweet functions of course needs some new fine tutorials. We created a special v1.6 playlist on our Youtube channel.

Btw, a new tutorial is coming very soon, Fredrik shows you how to use our brand new {div} component to attach Material Design UI grids and elements to Sketch2React ??

Btw why can’t I install your Code App? ?

All Mac apps that are not certified by Apple that you download from the web or distribute privately (via your own channels) give you a warning the very first time you open them.

Just chill and do like below and happiness will (maybe) come to you.

  • Go to System Preferences on your Mac
  • Click on Security & Privacy
  • It will contain a message that says “Sketch2React Code App was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer” ?
  • Click on Open Anyway

Wow did you read all the way down here? You been good, now go celebrate this with a great cup of the very best company coffee you can find ☕

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