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Sketch2React Core Concepts — Containers and Grids

Hey guys! In my experience it very often comes downs to really understanding the core concepts about any new software before you even consider start using it. In a world of distractions I can’t really say we’re the easiest one to grasp. 🤣

In the case of Sketch2React understanding how the grid works with containers is essential knowledge. As soon as you create a {container} you are inside the default Bootstrap grid that we have built-in.

ProTip 🤖 💪 You can use any grid system of your liking using our {div} component. Here’s a tutorial on how to implement Material Design UI grid.

You can read more about our {div} component in our docs.

So, I thought, let’s do a really short tutorial about it. 😺

Here’s the tutorial Sketch file I’m using below for greater understanding.

As always, have a great week and stay healthy 🧡