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Rejoice Team Sketch2React is back!

After a long rest we are back my friends. Summer has been great, I did a lot of fun stuff with my kids, for example kid safe graffiti painting (water based spray cans from Montana). ?️??

Still struggling to learn how to drive a f-king car though — damn manual stick is hard for a 45 year old haha. ? My dear wife (bless her) insist on us using manual since she (of course) have been using it for 20 years.

I know Fredrik also has had a great summer vacation, here’s a picture to set the mood.

Lets drink some coffee shall we?

Testing Sketch Beta 57

Also Sketch Beta 57 is out and I’m loving it! Love what they are doing with Smart Distribute, soon I will stop using Animas Stacks all together I think ?

As soon as the good folks behind Sketch releases a new version I try (as fast as possible) to try it out and see if it breaks something inside of S2R. So far everything seems to be working fine! ?

Also tried using Sketch Cloud documents together with S2R but we need to add support for it since the actual .sketch files are hidden deep down inside the Macs library folder. Fredrik is working on it, should work actually ? ? ?

I’m trying really hard to teach myself how to build Sketch plugins, following a couple of great tutorials, this one below is from Design+Code.

Great course from Design+Code! Maybe I’ll finally learn this?! ?

New video tutorial — How to add CSS animations

I recorded this tutorial before going to vacay and finally got some time to edit it together. It’s a deep dive into how to add CSS animations to your Sketch2React projects directly from inside of Sketch. Enjoy!

Tutorial File Download

/Juan from Team Sketch2React

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