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One time installations for getting out to Xcode and Android Studio

One of the main reasons we built in support for Ionic’s Capacitor.js build system is that the second we really tried it out, the whole flow going from our exported HTML out to Xcode and Android Studio, it blew our minds right open.

Personally, I had given up trying to learn Xcode a long time ago, since I didn’t have the need to actually build real apps. I have always loved building prototypes, though. Suddenly, I had all the right tools in front of me. Not only that, given to me at the perfect level of complexity.

I love designing in Sketch. I know our markup from the inside out. Furthermore, I have dabbled with CSS. Xcode was not a total mystery, either. I had opened it like once our twice. What a victory.

The only thing that felt a bit weird was actually installing the necessary tools that Capacitor uses to do its dark magic.

You’re in luck, my friend. I have done the hard work for you, failed miserably a couple of times (a must) to carve out the very best workflow for you.

Remember, these are one time installations only and the two most important things you need to have are:

  • Admin rights to your computer machine
  • A bit of patience

You will need

  • Terminal app on Mac or the Prompt/Terminal app for Windows
  • Node.js installed since many of the tools use node

We have a great guide with all the relevant links for getting started taking your designed prototypes to the next, codelicous level (lame, I know).

The tutorial

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