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Marcode Bundle, get CSS Writer for free

Who does not love getting ”one for free”? There is a good reason marketplaces, both physical and digital ones, love using this marketing trick. It’s actually the first time we try something like this. We have other bundles, but this approach has eluded us for some reasons unknown to mankind.

We believe strongly in the freedom of choice, but also giving you a chance to really try out our apps and plugins. Our CSS Writer plugin was made for Marcode. It really fits the workflow, adding custom CSS code straight inside Sketch app. It will elevate how you look at what you can actually build, straight from inside Sketch with code. We really don’t want you to miss this one out.

How to get CSS Writer plugin for free

It’s really very straightforward.

  1. Go to the bundle page on our marketplace
  2. Add both products to the cart, it will not work otherwise
  3. Use this 100% discount code CLASSIC upon checkout or directly from your Cart page
  4. Shazam!

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