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Let’s take a first look at Stratos ?

Hello internet. This is Juan from Team Sketch2React here with some great news. I finally finished my first piece on the next version of Sketch2React called Stratos. And got it published on another publication which is not run by me or Fredrik Ward ? Awesome news yes!

Important info

Many people have contacted us regarding Stratos and that is awesome. A bit of clarification on our part is needed:

  • Stratos is not ready yet
  • Stratos Alpha 1 will be distributed to all of our Patreons & Gumroadians 100% free (people who has bought or will buy our pre-releases via Gumroad that is)
  • This will happen before end of this year, maybe even before Christmas ?
  • The Alpha & Beta releases will all be time-stamped, meaning they will work for x time, then stop functioning
  • When we release v1 of Stratos you will be required to purchase a license

Here’s the introduction article

Exciting times ahead my friends!

All the best
Juan, Team Sketch2React

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