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Lets look into version 2 of Sketch2React ☀️☄️✨

Which actually will be v1 with a different name

Why change the name?

Maybe it’s the stupidest thing we’ll ever do. Maybe not. But it makes no sense keep calling everything Sketch2React when you’re going to be able to also use other design app files with our framework.

Also we’re building in support for web components so we’re supporting also things that are not bound to only React.

That’s why ?

You know, both me and Fredrik always strive for the very best things available in this great world of web design. We have something I call Conversional Product Design (I made that up yes ?).

Since we still develop Sketch2React as a side project, and we are fortunate enough to work together — this way of developing and designing has become second nature to us. During all of our breaks from our day-to-day we talk how we can make our framework and code app better.

During our many talks we also look around us and see what others are doing. It’s an incredibly awesome time to be in web design. You know this and I know this — you wouldn’t be reading this very article if not.

We’re tremendously eager to show you the next version of our framework and code app. Since we’ll be adding support for other design tools in the near future we have re-written everything from scratch.

Here’s a few things that’s coming

  • Support for React Styled Components ?
  • Support for Web Components ?
  • Support for other design tools (Figma first, then we’ll see) ?
  • Support for adding your custom made React code directly inside our code app ⛰️
  • A new UI interface to support all these awesome things ?
  • A new app start page where you will be able to see all of your current projects ?
  • All these magical things will require a payed license ? …but we’ll give you a very generous trail period to really try it out
  • We will discontinue v1 of Sketch2React (no more updates when we release a stable v2) but it will be available free forever (as long as you have the required version of Sketch supported available to you) ?
  • The new “Working_Name” will be v1.0 (full circle, new beginnings, stuff like that oo-mmmmmmm ?️)

Learn a few new thingies

Since we have re-written our code rendering engine from zero you will need to learn a few new thingies but actually it’s not overwhelming. If you already are familiar with our framework set of rules it will feel very natural. Promise ?

Also, not everything above will be released at once, we will continue to grow slowly as we have done up until know.

Loyalty will be rewarded

That sounds like something a mad evil James Bond villain would shout out to his/her/its crew but it’s 100% true. ??

If you have supported us in any way (active subscriber to this newsletter, bought our DLC or support us on Patreon) you’re on that list my friend. Loyalty should always be supported.

Why now?

You may wonder why we have waited this long to do this proper, for “real” with a payed license? The answer is simple:

We are now reaching our biggest goal since becoming: Being really useful to you

If we’re going to start charging on a continued level it needs to be useful to you as a designer and you as a developer.

With v2 we will be there.

We set a very high standard for ourselves and everything we make. We would never ever do this unless we feel that we’re adding value to your day to day job. Ever.

This way of thinking is encoded into our maker-DNA and we feel very strongly about this. ❤️?

Future Gaze

Here’s a quick look at how our new version acts and looks right now, this is alpha footage folks, not ready for beta consumption yet.

Catch us if you can ??

We can’t wait to show our @next to the world. Actually we’re hosting our very first ever workshop that has developer focus. We’ve created a new page where we’re posting upcoming public events and meet-ups. You’re more than welcome to invite us both if you have the means and if we can find the time. ? Just reach out to us via our Slack and we’ll discuss the terms ?

All the best
Juan Maguid, Team Sketch2React

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