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How to not loose your mind during WFH

So we’re all wfh (working from home) right now or we will probably be really soon. If you’re reading this you probably have a job description that reads designer or developer or even ehm product manager (yes you are also welcome, we all sit in the very same boat here).

Maybe boat was not the best analogy since we face a really serious global situation with this damned Corona outbreak. Damn you Corona, damn you to hell!

So instead of force refreshing or in my case over and over again all day, here’s some things you can do instead. When not working with your usual stuff that actually pays your bills and other important stuff like soap, toilet paper etc.

  • Take a walk outside, if you have a forest, go to the forest
  • Tell bad jokes, humor is essential for surviving and staying mentally healthy during apocalyptical times
  • Get some routines in check, for example go up at the exact same time as you usually would when commuting to your physical office place
  • Learn something new every single day

Or, if you’re feeling really lazy just do this trick and you will instantly feel 10000000 better:

I ❤️Oatmeal
  • Press the Random button on Oatmeal over and over again. Works. Every. Single. Time.

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