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Fredrik’s front-end quick read #13

Lighthouse makes changes as to how performance score is calculated. Bootstrap 5 is (almost) around the corner and it seems to drop support for both IE10 and IE11(!). Preethi Sam shows us how to indicate scroll position using only CSS. Ahmad Shadeed teaches us all about auto in CSS. Last but not least — What should you do when a web design trend becomes too popular?

Lighthouse Changes How Performance Score is Calculated

Lighthouse, the performance measuring tool by Google, changed how its performance score is measured and Paul Irish built this nifty tool that shows how the new version measures things.

Bootstrap 5 dropping IE 10 & 11 browser support: where does that leave us?

The upcoming version five of popular framework Bootstrap is officially dropping support for both Internet Explorer 10 and 11. Here’s a quick look at what that means for those relying on Bootstrap, and what workarounds (polyfills) to expect.

Indicating Scroll Position on a Page With CSS

Preethi Sam shows how to create a widget that indicates the scroll position on a page using just CSS.

Everything About Auto in CSS

Ahmad Shadeed gives an in-depth introduction to auto value in CSS.

What Should You Do When A Web Design Trend Becomes Too Popular?

This guide aims to help you figure out which approach makes the most sense when considering popular design trends for your site.

Thank you for reading and happy coding! ❤️

/Fredrik Ward, Senior front-end developer @ Bouvet and co-creator of Sketch2React

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