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Animating masks with Keyshape v1.6

Vector animators rejoice! Keyshape v1.6 was released yesterday and it brings a very powerful animating feature — masks and clipping paths! Does this sound like a foreign language to you? No worries I’ve made a very brief introduction tutorial that it’s under 8 minutes that cover the basics of animating clipping paths. I’ll make sure to create one that also covers masks later on. They behave differently that’s why.

You can check it out below:

Why this is amazing

• ?Masks and clipping paths is the very basic of motion design, animators use this all the time in apps like After Effects or in post production software like Nuke, Fusion etc.
• It makes it very easy to animate complex shapes/illustrations that would otherwise drive you mad (I’ve tried it, not recommended ?)


You can dl the Keyshape file here ??

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