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Advanced Export is here!

Hey guys, last weekend we released a new version of our desktop Code App. Here’s some highlights of that release:

Advanced Export!

We now have something really sweet called Advanced Export. Basically you add things to export and press the Download button, and you get everything exported custom CSS files included. One really big step forward is that you also get all of your image assets exported. If you have been using our framework since the start you know how big of a deal this is for us. If not, happiness anyways??

Pressing Download automagically creates a .zip file with everything you need to publish to your own server. If you have set up everything correctly inside of Sketch app you only need to drag+drop onto your server!

Full support for Animate.css

We really love Animate.css ❤️ So we made sure that we supported CSS libraries that use both Uppercase and Lowercase characters in their classnames. Joy!

What better than be able to from Sketch prototype and build amazing CSS thingies? Got yah covered ?

So now you don’t need to be super picky about making sure all characters are lowercase when writing your own CSS plugins.

How do I get this amazing Code App?

You sign up to our free Beta program of course!

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