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A TL:DWA of The State of Javascript Frameworks in August 2019

To Long; Didn’t Watch All

The State of Javascript Frameworks in August 2019 is an hour long episode and I know many of you don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy it, so I did it for you ? Here are the timestamps for the different speakers.

Just a heads up: The speakers present “What’s new” within their respective fields, so it might be a bit tricky from time to time to understand completely what they are talking about (if you’re like me, who haven’t tried e.g. Ionic or Vue.js)? So I’ve also added links to where to learn the different topics.Thank you Bouvet for providing all your employees with access to Pluralsight! ?

Every six months Tracy Lee (Founder av This Dot och Core team) sits down with several representatives of different frameworks to get a brief update on what they are up to.

This hour long episode features:

They had a last minute re-schedule from the React / learn here team.


/Fredrik, Senior Front-end developer @ Bouvet and co-creator of Sketch2React

Psst, I also highly recommend Juan’s Design Digest (He’s the other 50% of Sketch2React)

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