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A couple of self-learned SEO tips for getting your tutorials watched on Youtube

I have been creating content for the web as long as I can remember. I begun uploading my stuff to Youtube over a decade ago. I’ve had some really great “successes” over the years, but mostly I get a very low amount of viewers of my content.

If you make a search on Google and type in “SVG animation with Keyshape” my latest tutorials come up second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place! Of over 14.800 search results. Which is awesome. Zero paid searches, all sweet organic results.

So it got me thinking: “What did I do different this time?”.

Here’s what I did

General tips

1. Create something that you think is useful to others.

2. Keep your tutorial short and entertaining. Humor keeps people watching apparently ?.

3. Divide it into parts (part 1, part 2 etc).

4. Upload it to Youtube. For some reason Google likes it (I wonder why ?). Sorry Vimeo but you can’t compete here.

5. When describing your content in the “Description” area be very specific.

6. Be sure to include all of the apps that you have used and links to where people can download them. You are being helpful and at the same time it’s great SEO.

7. Use relevant tags for your content. I used things like “svg animation” “keyshape” “sublime text” “sketch app” etc.

8. Share your tutorials on relevant forums. I shared these tutorials in two big Sketch Facebook groups and on a couple of Rapidweaver forums.

9. Be kind be gentle be helpful. I can’t emphasis this enough.

10. Don’t use other people’s music without permission.

Youtube specific tips

1. If you do tutorials choose “Education” as a category on Youtube. You can set it up to be your default upload category if you’re like me and post mostly tutorials.

2. Create a playlist and call it something relevant. I called mine for these tutorials “Sketch to Keyshape tutorials”.

3. Make sure to use Youtubes awesome templates for video annotations, end screen cards etc. They are really helpful getting your viewers to watch more content of yours. The more they watch the better right?

Watch the tutorial

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