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A couple of new updates

Hey guys, just wanted to sum up a couple of new thingies regarding Sketch2React, like a weeks summary, something like that. Some weeks we push out more content than other ones. So let’s go!

Sketch2React Beginner Tutorial Part 4

So Many Animations! — New Sketch2React Freebie

This is one of those occasions when you have been working far to long with something and just go “if I don’t release this now I’ll never dot it!” ?

So Many Animations! is basically Animate.css applied to a bunch of layers inside of Sketch. We also include the whole list of available animations so you can mix-match and create new ones. Perfect for animating everything from images, buttons to doing transitions between pages in your designs.

Slack exclusive — Artsy Cards Freebie

Our {group-fixed} component is mighty mighty and I created (by total accident actually) a pretty interesting card component using it. I got so excited I had to make a quickie video about it:

And if you sign up to our free Slack community, it’s pinned to #general

Should design tools code?

New article over at the excellent Sketch App Sources Medium Pub:

That’s if for this week, have a great week-end guys! ??

/Juan, Team Sketch2React

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