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? Tutorial — Deep dive into upcoming Sketch2React v1.6

Hey guys, very soon we’ll release our next pre-release payed DLC, version 1.6 of our code app and framework. And, like we did with 1.5, a month and a half after this payed pre-releases, we’ll release it totally for free. ??

Lots and lots of new exciting features that you can read more about in this great recap from Fredrik.

Here’s Juan diving deep into two of the new features: our new {link} component and our new support for working directly with Sketch Cloud Docs.

? Why you should get excited

If you have been using our framework at all you must have come to this frustrated conclusion:

— ”Why the hell can’t I link to whatever thingie I waaaaaant!?”

Exactly. We fixed that now! As of v1.6 we have a brand spanking sexy component called {link}???. Need to create a rapid, real code prototype in HTML? Easy peasy, use the {link} component to convert all UI objects that you need linking, between pages or external web pages. Shazam! ?‍♂️

Support for Sketch Cloud Documents

Sketch Cloud Documents is still in beta but we have already built-in support for it. ?

How to get this working on your Mac

Sketch Cloud Docs are hidden inside the (by default hidden) Library folder on your Mac. You need to do this first of all.

After that, make sure you go to Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/CloudDocuments and save this shortcut to your Favorites (like I have done below).

You’ll find your Sketch Cloud files inside those folders with jibbrish-names on them, lot of numbers and characters. ??Just open up our Code App (version 1.6 pre-release) and you’re good to go, now every time you make changes inside this document (which is a cloud doc) they will upload to Sketch Cloud. Understand that this feature is still in beta and it sometimes can take a while for the docs to upload to Sketch Cloud.

The files are in the folder named CloudDocuments ??


We’re very excited to support Sketch Cloud Docs, it opens up whole new ways of working with real code components directly from within Sketch. You don’t even need Sketch for Teams to share these files on Sketch Cloud with co-workers, all you need is a valid Sketch license, latest version of Sketch and you’re good to go ?

Juan Maguid, Team Sketch2React

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