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?Vacay time and what’s coming in version 0.0.6!

Vacation time

?☀️Hey guys! Hope youre alright and enjoying Sketch2React.

Vacation time is coming very soon and we will not be able to answer support questions during our holiday. But good news, sign up to our Slack, it‘s full of really clever and helpful people. Good chances are you will find help there.

What’s next?

After the summer* we’re rolling out a really exciting update (alpha 0.0.6). Real customizable form fields and real customizable buttons. Style everything inside of Sketch and it rolls it out directly to code — how awesome is that? So if you have the need for square buttons or really smooth ones with super much radius you will be very happy.

Menus menus!

Also coming is fully customizable mega menus and side menus! And you will be able to style the current NavBar to your liking.

In order for us to deliver this awesome functionality, there is a breaking change to how you setup the Sketch2React navigation. Basically everything that works right now will continue to work minus the Navbar component which has been rewritten from scratch. More on this topic upon the release of alpha 0.0.6.

Sketch2React ? Haiku

We are big fans of animation powerhouse Haiku here @ S2R. So of course we want to expand the use of our product with Haiku. In upcoming alpha 0.0.6 you will be able to create amazing animations inside of Haiku and link this inside of Sketch with Sketch2React using a very powerful new Haiku symbol with overrides.

*Alpha 0.0.6 coming out late august/beginning of September 2018

All the best — Team Sketch2React

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