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We couldn’t stay off…

First we thought ”let’s not give in the mass hysteria that is Black Friday, Black Week jada jada jada”…

Then we thought ”to hell with it, let’s use this to promote our new marketplace”… We are weak humans, we apologies. ?

Also we actually updated Sketch2React 2020 with some small visual bug fixes and in the meantime made sure our new icon is way bigger than anyone else’s. Proof!

This was actually done by accident - we promise!

This was actually done by accident – we promise! Official apologies has been sent…

If you already bought Sketch2React 2020 just go to My account ?API Downloads and fetch the very latest update, version 2020.1.3 ✅

We also added support for two more currencies in our store, GBP and the mighty Euro.

Okey so were is the discount then?

Just enter this code upon checkout 7DDFQCF5 and you’ll get a ? 20.3% discount code on all our payed items. Which are two at the moment. You got to start somewhere right?

Just don’t dwell on it for all too long, it’s valid for 7 days starting today.

Cheers! ?

Team Sketch2React