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New ways of learning all things Sketch2React

We have created many tutorials since the very beginning of Team Sketch2React, both written and recorded. Why? Because it’s fun to teach and after a while it becomes a nice giving habit.

I have changed the way I do them, though. The written ones take longer to create, but they have a great benefit, you set the pace, and you don’t need to press the pause button all the time to understand what’s going on 😺

The setup is then

  • Step by step thorough written tutorials, often quite long
  • Short brief companion video tutorial that shows what’s been told

We think this formula is going to work great and here’s a brand-new example for you:

Companion video

For actually two articles:

Updated our free Sketch2React ebook

The other day I realized we hadn’t updated our free Sketch2React Pocket Guide since late 2019! Since then, we have released so many new things that we lost count. So, I revisited the book, edited old things away and added all the great new tutorial content that has been created since then.

Really happy with the cover art 😺💎

Really happy with the cover art 😺💎

Freshly baked from the virtual free presses of Team Sketch2React it offers yet another great way of learning things offline, take it slow or do it fast, your choice.

I actually use our ebook myself from time to time to freshen up certain things in our framework that I find difficult to remember. We feel you, it contains many rules. So we’ll continue to support as long as people use our apps, it’s a real pleasure actually.

Also, when we have gathered enough written content for our design tokens app Stratos Tokens, we’ll of course combine it into another free ebook.

That’s it, until next time have a great one!