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A new home for our best written content

If I go back a few years in time to around early 2017 I remember feeling frustrated. Frustrated about the fact that I was seeing a lot of really inspiring designers sharing all kinds of awesome things, but I wasn’t sharing anything.

Of course that is an oversimplification. I had for years been active in forums sharing tips & tricks about things I cared about, like music making and web design. But I lacked focus and guts really. Guts to say ”this is good enough, let me just release it to the world and see what happens”.

So I started doing video tutorials about how to animate things with a pretty obscure animation app called Keyshape. I did that for a couple of reasons, the biggest one was that there actually where no one doing them.

I also released a couple of payed templates for another semi-obscure Mac app, RapidWeaver. Remember it? I guess I have a thing for not-so-cool but amazing tools that makes my life easier. Guess what? I still use those tools. I actually re-watched my own tutorial about Keyshape from 2018 a couple of days ago. Talk about meta feelings there, me watching myself from the past teaching present-me. Weird.

Also, watching and reading about how-to-do-this-and-that had been a very natural part of my life for a very long time. I felt a great urge to give back.

Fast forward to the the present and I’m now 50% of Team Sketch2React together with Fredrik, how awesome isn’t that?

We realised that we had a lot of amazing content laying around on different places and we also wanted to add more useful things to our website. Solution? Make your own blog, own it all halleluja.

Actually it was the great Jonathan Bowman that inspired us on our Slack community.

I gave it some thought, found a great article on Medium how to migrate all our content to WordPress and just never looked back. ?Thx Jonathan for the push! ?

There’s still work to be done, some things didn’t migrate properly, our categories do not work for some weird reason, but overall you now have one place to consume all things Sketch2React. Plus some other goodies like Fredrik’s Front-end Quick Read, a couple of my old, but still valid Keyshape tutorials etc.

We will still publish things to our Medium publication of course and we will still publish articles on other great places, like Design + Sketch. We’ll do what we always do, we’ll just give it a go and later look back at how it worked.

Until next time, have a great one ? ?